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Hazy blue aerial photo of UVA Grounds

By the numbers 2022-23 data

Facilities Management: How We Support UVA

Our Employees

There were 1,147 total full-time positions in Facilities Management in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

During the annual Service Awards events in 2023, 115 employees celebrated 2,190 years of collective service.

Assets by maintenance zone

Construction numbers for the period of July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023

Capital Construction & Renovations - Project & Construction Management Services

construction work-in-placetotaled$360million 412active constructionprojects $2billionin ongoing design& construction

Capital Construction & Renovations - Construction & Renovation Services

construction work-in-placetotaled$35million 285active constructionprojects

Buildings & Grounds

  • 19.22 million square feet for all UVA facilities, includes:
    • 14.51 million square feet in Academic Division
    • 4.71 million square feet in UVA Health Division
  • 570 buildings and corresponding infrastructure in the UVA portfolio, with a conservatively estimated replacement value of $7.3 billion.
  • 890,866 assignable square feet of research labs and research lab service.
  • 363,584 assignable square feet of classroom space.
  • 6.07 miles of utility tunnels.
  • 229.56 miles of underground heating (steam/condensate, medium temperature hot water), cooling (chilled water), water/sewer and storm sewer distribution lines
  • 179,155 work orders completed.
  • 281 vehicles and 87 pieces of equipment and trailers in the Facilities Management fleet, including 35 electric and hybrid vehicles.

E&G Facilities Condition Index

The Facility Condition Index (FCI) indicates the condition of UVA's portfolio of buildings by dividing the value of the maintenance backlog by the replacement value. An FCI of 5 percent or less is considered to be in good condition.


  • 44.6% reduction in carbon emissions in 2022 compared to 2010.
  • 26.2% decrease in total potable water usage in 2022 compared to 2010 levels.
  • 51.6% reduction in total waste generated since 2010, and reused/composted/recycled 24.4% of the total waste generated.
  • UVA’s Building Efficiency Program has worked on 75 buildings over the past 8 years, investing approximately $2.5 million per year in energy efficiency projects. As a result, these buildings have avoided energy costs of $20.2 million over the past three years.
  • 82 LEED-certified green building projects, representing over 5 million square feet of space.

Occupational Programs

  • 54 professional development sessions offered by Occupational Training at 2 FM locations for ease of access.
  • 732 participants in 8 different trainings coordinated by Occupational Training.
  • 46 new employees trained during 6 different sessions of the new enhanced employee onboarding launched in June 2023.
  • 18 participants completed a total of 108 hours of training within the pilot Supervisor Journey program.
  • 35 safety plan reviews, 26 site/workplace inspections and 22 documents created/reviewed by Occupational Health & Safety.
  • 143 total training sessions offered by Occupational Health & Safety in 44 different topics.
  • 73 cell phones distributed to FM staff as part of the completion of the FM Cell Phone Rollout program supported by Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
  • 34 languages spoken at FM reported during the FM Speaks! survey with 20% of survey respondents reporting that they speak more than one language.
  • 20 FM employees on the Uniform Taskforce launched in March 2023 and supported by Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
  • 120 FM employees participated in Project Implicit training.
  • 11 apprentices graduated in the class of 2022: 3 electrical; 6 HVAC and 2 plumbing.
  • 15 FM employees participated in Virginia Backflow Tester Certification.