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Hazy blue aerial photo of UVA Grounds

1. Introduction Message from Don Sundgren

Don Sundgren
Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer Don Sundgren. (Photo by Jennifer Watson / Facilities Management)

Facilities Management is a diverse community of individuals whose impact is far-reaching across Grounds. Our workforce of 1,200 touches all aspects of the University of Virginia. We serve as electricians, construction managers, custodians, landscape specialists and more. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, speak multiple languages and dialects and possess different skills; yet, we all have the same mission: we serve and plan for our community today, while assessing and adapting to the needs of tomorrow.

Over the past fiscal year, representatives from all areas of the department worked to update our mission statement to better reflect the daily work and purpose of employees at all levels.  In the coming year, teams will continue to take additional steps to build consistency and ownership of the department’s mission and consider how it can be supported by strategic goals and strategies.

Our teams’ unwavering support of the University throughout many ongoing challenges and heartbreaking tragedies is a testament to our dedication to this mission. Our teams have spent the past year assisting with transformative projects in support of the University’s 2030 Plan: promotion of equity in UVA’s physical landscape; development of the Emmet-Ivy Corridor; and innovative efforts to reduce energy use, water consumption, waste and toxic materials.

We are committed to continuous improvement and are proud to steward a world-class institution dedicated to lifelong learning, groundbreaking research and the highest-quality patient care.