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Several donated winter coats lying in layers

7. Serving the greater good Keeping our community warm

Facilities Management employees have historically supported multiple community organizations each year by hosting donation drives.

Facilities Management employees are committed to helping those around them by actively contributing to donation drives for winter clothing, food banks, the annual Toy Lift and the Ronald McDonald House.

In the fall of 2020, the FM Diversity Committee, led by committee member and Metering Technician A.J. Young, hosted a winter clothing drive to benefit the residents at the Valley Mission in Staunton, donating a total of 152 coats, 60 pairs of socks, 23 pairs of gloves and 25 knitted hats. Plus, about 10 pizzas were contributed to unsheltered citizens of the community using cash donations.

“Because you care about people, because you understand that sometimes people just need a hand, because you thought about how cold it can be outside - you gave, and this is what happened,” said Adrienne Young, wife of A.J. The couple has sponsored the drive each year at Facilities Management with the support of the FM Diversity Committee.